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Posted on January 13, 2024  •  3 minutes  • 540 words
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Third-Party Components

This site contains components from the following third-party sites:

If any third-party site is not listed above it is an error/oversight on my part.



First and foremost, I want to make it clear that there will never be advertising on this site, nor will there be any form of exploiting visitors data (selling visitor information). I don’t like advertising, invasive web tracking, or my data being bought and sold by data brokers so that is something that I will never subject my readers too.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate links may be used in articles that when clicked through to the third-party site and followed by a sale will provide me with a percentage of the items sales.

Any web tracking/data harvesting/selling that may occur from those sitess are all outside the scope of this privacy notice and all subject to the privacy policies of those third-party sites.

Affiliate programs currently in use will be listed in the below section

In addition, on every page where an affiliate link is used, a disclaimer will appear on the page informing the reader that the article contains affiliate links to the products discussed therein.


If this site every becomes big enough for “Sponsors” to reach out, the following “Sponsorship” options may be used:


One-off donations are greatly appreciated and accepted through Ko-Fi, either through the “Support Me” widget, or through my Ko-Fi page directly.

The minimum donation amount is $5.

Ko-Fi can also be used for ongoing subscriptions, commissions, sales, etc. While these are not features I am currently using I may explore some of these options in the future.

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